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    The Achievements of Haier’s Open Innovation


    (1) Four Criteria for R&D
      Haier ranks first in all the globally-recognized four criteria for R&D:
    1) Innovation experience: Haier has won 65 world-renowned design awards including IF Award and Red Dot Design Award, three times as many as those of the second and the third places combined.
    2) National Awards: Haier has won National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology 11 times, while other companies twice together. Haier has won prizes 5 times more than those of other companies in the home appliance industry.
    3) Patent for invention: Haier has 16316 patents and 528 valid patent for invention across over 30 nations and regions. This number is 20 times more than that of other companies combined in home appliance industry.
    4) Standard Right of Speech: Haier has 13 IEC expert seats, 48 leading national standards and 28 international standards. Compared with the 8 leading national standards of other companies combined, Haier’s number is 10 times larger.
    (2) Constantly Disruptive Products
    The open innovation mode of parallel interaction in the whole process provides strong support for rapid iteration of leading products. In 2014, Haier launched a series of disruptive products which were the achievements of global innovation resources. These products include industry-leading no-clean washing machine, world-leading Smart Window Refrigerator, the world’s first combined smart air product air cube, the safest CO-free gas water heater, the world’s first noiseless solid refrigeration wine cabinet, Haier Star Box, Shuangziyunshang Washing Machine and Tianzun Air Conditioner, etc. Haier’s open innovation platform aims to constantly create better product solutions and user experience.


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