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    Haier Smart Home SH:600229


    Update time: 2019-06-30


    Update date: 2019-06-30

    Shareholdings of top ten shareholders

    Name of shareholder (full name) Change during the reporting period Number of shares held at the end of the period Percent age (%) Number of shares held with selling restrictions Status of shares pledged or frozen Nature of shareholder
    Haier Electric Appliances International Co., Ltd. 1,258,684,824 19.76 Domestic on-state-owned legal entity
    Haier Group Corporation 1,072,610,764 16.84 Domestic on-state-owned legal entity
    Hong Kong Securities Clearing Co., Ltd. 648,698,187 10.19 Foreign legal entity
    GIC PRIVATE LIMITED 202,726,380 3.18 Foreign legal entity
    China Securities Finance Corporation Limited 182,312,697 2.87 Unknown
    Qingdao Haier Venture & Investment Information Co., Ltd.(青島海爾創業投資諮詢有限公司) 172,252,560 2.70 Domestic non-state-owned legal entity
    CLEARSTREAM BANKING S.A. 90,924,856 1.43 Foreign legal entity
    National social security fund, Portfolio 104 83,572,690 1.31 Unknown
    Bank of China Limited- E Fund's small and medium-sized hybrid securities investment funds 81,000,071 1.27 Unknown
    Qingdao Haichuangzhi Management Consulting Enterprise (Limited Partnership) 73,011,000 1.15 Unknown


    Update date: 2019-09-26

    Plans or Proposals for Dividends of Ordinary Shares Distribution and for Capital Reserve Conversion into Share Capital of the Company in Recent Three Years

    Unit and Currency: RMB
    Year Number of bonus share for per 10 shares (share) Cash dividend per 10 shares (RMB) (tax inclusive) Number of shares converted per 10 shares (share) Cash dividend (tax inclusive) Net profit attributable to shareholders of ordinary shares of the Company in the consolidated financial statement during the year of distribution Percentage of the net profit attributable to the ordinary shareholders of the Company in the consolidated financial statement (%)
    2018 0 3.51 0 2,235,331,410.16 7,440,228,855.90 30.04
    2017 0 3.42 0 2,085,311,732.63 6,925,792,321.27 30.11
    2016 0 2.48 0 1,624,803,749.32 5,036,652,240.84 32.26


    Update time: 2019-06-01

    Analyst Coverage

    Company Analyst Rating
    AllianceBernstein Melinda Hu / Jodie Huang Market-Perform
    Bank America Merril Lynch Luo Chen / Lucy Yu Buy
    Citi Mark Li Buy
    CLSA Dylan Chu / Liu Jicheng Buy
    Credit Suisse Tony Wang / Harriet Liu Outperform
    DBS Vickers Vincent Yang / Mavis Hui Buy
    Deutsche Bank Anne Ling / John Chou Rating Suspended
    Goldman Sachs Nicolas Yi Buy
    HSBC Lina Yan Buy
    J.P. Morgan George Hsu Overweight
    Macquarie Terence Chang Outperform
    Morgan Stanley Lillian Lou / Hanli Fan Overweight
    Nomura Joseph Wang Buy
    UBS Tony Wang / Sole Sun Buy
    Chang Jiang Securities Xu Chun Buy
    China Merchants Securities Ji Min Buy
    CICC He Wei Rating Suspended
    CITIC Securities Yao Xuyang Buy
    Essence Securities Zhang Licong Buy
    EverBright Securities Jin Xing Buy
    Fubon Securities Team Coverage Add
    GF Securities Co. Ltd. Zeng Chan Buy
    Guotai Junan Wu Dongju Buy
    SWS Research Ma Wangjie Buy

    Haier Global

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