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    Basing on the sharing of financial platform for industry and ecology, we make full use of the rich ecology of Haier to offer financial solutions to all stakeholders aiming at the transformation from product finance to ecological finance. We have financial companies both online and offline. Offline companies cover finance, finance lease, microcredit, consumer finance, financial factoring as well as trading platform of asset, while online services include Kuaijietong, a third-party payment, and Hairongyi, a financial supermarket platform. Meanwhile, we have venture capital companies focused on equity investment and on fund management, and have controlling shares of stock of many financial companies such as the Bank of Qingdao and the PKU Founder Life. We also have two operating platforms of capital for listed company—Qingdao Haier (600690.SH) and Haier Appliance (01169.HK).

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